My grandson, Cameron, with his autism is certainly one of those special people. His mother, Cheryl, stands as his star. She has done everything she can to help him have a better life. Just getting the USANA Children’s choo-ables( now called Usanimals)in him was not an easy thing to do, and she spent a lot of time grinding them up and putting them in his peanut butter sandwich, his applesauce, his homemade juice popsicles, or anything else she could think of just to get him the nutrition. Getting him to eat good food has always been a challenge.

But I do believe that when he started getting the benefit of the good supplementation, and his body responded to that, he also started to eat different foods, and was more willing to try new foods, and eat better. Cheryl and Cameron had the privilege of going to Sanoviv in June 2002. At Sanoviv, they teach proper foods, and gave Cheryl a better idea of what kinds of foods were not helping him. She made more fruits and vegetables available to him on a constant basis, and eliminated much of the white breads, cereals, crackers, chips and such from the house so they were not even there when he was hungry. He still loves to grab them whenever he can, of course!

From age 5 to 9 he used the (USANA) children’s supplement and the USANA Proflavanol (grapeseed extract). Cheryl got tired of trying to sneak it in, and just taught him to swallow it, so he now takes them all by himself. That was not an easy thing, and had to start with holding his nose so his mouth would open, and then putting it in the back of his throat so he would swallow it. But, she just decided that he needed the nutrition and was gong to have it.

He really did make a lot of positive changes such as sleeping, behavior, eating, and the even more rewarding thing like eye contact, appropriate questions and conversations, addressing people by name and interacting with other children at play! Cheryl said that having him in a “normal” classroom this year is quite a unique experience. She has to be there a bit of the time as he learns a new schedule and such, but he is doing well and he likes being there, and tells us so. It is clear that he has a desire to do the same things that other kids are doing. It is great to see him living more outside of his little world! And certainly a BIG step in his progress.

The USANA supplements he takes daily are : 2 Usanimals, 2 Proflavanol 90, 4 BiOmega 3 capsules, 2 tsps. OptOmega, 1 Alpha Lipoic Acid tablet (purchased through the Sanoviv store online)

At Sanoviv, Dr. Wentz (Founder of Usana Health Sciences and Sanoviv) told us of the work he had done in New Zealand with autistic children there, and how very thrilled they were with the response of the children when given this good nutrition. It was the results there that made him want to treat children with autism at Sanoviv, and why he has opened it up to them. How very thankful I am for him and his great work!

My daughter, Cheryl Cristiano, is very willing to talk to people about this experience.

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If your interested in how Usuana can help you please call or email Shirley Hatch at 1-928-680-3830,

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