What I’ve been doing!

Hi folks,

I am still here, just ran off my feet with DIY on a 1920s house; helping bang in nails (an my fingers), fell on my backside and scraped it climbing over a rubbish pile, fell through a ceiling and got caught on my thigh (wow, that was a whopper bruise but it probably saved my life), had a black fingernail for about 3 months. Presently only very sore lips from wood dust (I didn’t eat it but it doesn’t get along with skin and my lips are protesting). But its great to be doing wildly physical work as opposed to being a writer/artist, so I’m out there filling rubbish skips and helped tear down old plaster and even knocked down two partition walls! Otherwise I’ve been spending my time with paint all over my arms and hands and getting wildly into art on canvases as well as making a new DVD – A Life in Pictures, which is coming to the website soon.

I’m not good at DIY but at least its my own project and I work for nothing!

anyway, when I finish with the paint brushes and broom, I’ll send out some emails.

Hope alls well with you all.

We have some new info on the website www.donnawilliams.net
a testimonials page about my talks under ‘events’
five more lecture/workshop topics
updated paintings on the paintings page.

Hope some of you might make it to the art exhibition Oct 10th-28th at Vanguard Gallery.


Donna Williams *)

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