Welcome to the grand opening of www.auties.org


Finally, here’s the champagne, the scissors, we cut the ribbon, we hit the side of the boat and streamers fly and………

Welcome to the grand opening of

www.auties.org – (not at all linked or associated with Autistics.org)

its a website created by my incredible techy guru husband Chris, ( www.csamuel.org ) with some blah and ideas from me and the other Autie Spectrum committee members (yes, we gathered about a year ago and actually now got this idea off the ground!) who helped us gather our ideas along the way.

Its a site to promote the self employment skills of often under employed people on the Autistic Spectrum as well as to promote businesses which for some clear reason are deemed ‘Autie friendly’.

You will have to login to look around (stops the spammers).

Its a free service and hopefully generally non-political so its for everybody.

Do let people know about it so feel free to send this email to anyone in the Autism world you feel may find it useful.


Donna Williams *)

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