Vitamin C Rescue Remedy

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Vitamin C is an essential in the body’s defences against infection. Susceptible children will not tolerate relatively unimportant infections and this can lead to prolonged illness and in the case of behaviourally disturbed children exacerbations of symptoms previously well managed. Echinacea is an effective activator of T cell lymphocytes which fight infection.

The method:

Use Vitamin C I gram (1000mg) fizzy tablets – they can be bought as Redoxan or Own brand. Buy the plain type; for some children the colourants can be upsetting. Bioforce Echinacea is the best available at the Pharmacy or health store.


I gram (1000mg) three times a day until 10 tablets have been given. Do not give more; there is some evidence to suggest that persisting with large doses can cause cell damage in the bowel. Give Bioforce 10 drops three times daily for 5 days starting at the same time as Vitamin C. Don’t give them together; the Vitamin C is a powerful agent and may destroy the Echinacea,

This is effective from age 18 months in a normal body mass infant. In a child younger than this the dosage should be halved and given over the day in drinks.

When to give it:

On the first sign of a cold or the flu settling in, or if the child is exposed to a family member with a cold.


You will normally see a recovery within a couple of days. Echinacea has been shown to be as effective as antibiotics for sore throat, and other mild infections. Do not persist with treatment longer than the above period, and seek help if the symptoms do not resolve or get worse.

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