Tsunami Families with Autism

From an announcement by Unlocking Autism

We are sure that you are as saddened as we are viewing the devastation that has taken place around the Indian Ocean area of our world. The loss inlives as well as material necessities is unbelievable.

At Unlocking Autism our hearts go out to the parents of children with autism in those affected areas whose world is even more confused because ofthe lack on continuity and stability. The autism community is worldwide and does not know the boundaries of the borders of the United States.

To this end we are encouraging our community to reach out with the generosity that we have seen in the past and in a concerted effort,together, make donations that will be directed specifically to the children with autism and their families in Indonesia. Unlocking Autism has two UA Representatives in Jakarta, Indonesia who have volunteered to find parentsof children with autism whose families were specifically affected by the earthquake and tsunamis and direct the funds raised to them to help themmore quickly rebuild their lives.

The National Autism Association is joining us in this effort. If youknow of a specific family in this region that was affected, please writeNancy Cale at NANCALE@aol.com. Otherwise, please stay tuned for forthcoming information on how you can help these families. Once we have been able to find them we will send out a call to you for help.

[Editor’s note: we have some readers from that part of the world and subsequently they will get this message. -LS]

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