Hi everyone,

Folks, this is a ‘review’ on www.amazon.com about Nobody Nowhere.
I hope you’ll visit this link and read it.

It is a case of very sour grapes was drawn to my attention by a friend of mine on the spectrum.

this is not ‘a review’ this person has posted.

I never proclaimed my autism was that of all people.
Anyone who read Nobody Nowhere knows this.
It is a scream for help, a book about MY life.
In fact I never wrote at all in Nobody Nowhere than my autism was purely sensory.

Not in the slightest.

This ‘review’ is an invitation to a gang up bully mentality.

the person is overtly using my notoriety to attempt to promote a book they’ve just written and hoping to draw the interest of those reading the reviews about Nobody Nowhere.

If you believe that I am a human being with a right to be who and what I am and have the right of all human beings to not be exploited by others
then feel free to visit their ‘review’ and consider if you’d like to report it to Amazon as ‘innappropriate’. There is a button next to their ‘review’ with which to do so. To those of you who take the time to do this, I thank you. We should not allow bullies and users within our own ranks to succeed.

I personally run a writer’s group for people on the spectrum, edit and write support letters and forwards for other people’s work and try all I can to help other authors on the spectrum to become published as well as refer conference organisers to other public speakers on the spectrum and helped set up www.auties.org as an avenue for self employment for people on the spectrum, including authors. Hence I find this person’s stand highly insulting to all I stand for and have done for the autism field, especially for those on the spectrum who I have always supported as my equals.


Donna Williams *)

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