The Voice within

Article By: Patrick Colucci
Article Date: 08/31/2010

The voice within…by Patrick Colucci

I am the voice within

The child who recoils

From your horrific world,

Filled with confusion and pain.

I whisper “stay out”,

Lest you disturb my holy contemplation.

With your sharp intrusions of chaos and dissonance,

Weapons of your world of illusion and strife.

I seek only the security of this beating heart ,

The pulsing of warm blood through these supple veins,

The interior light which glows with each breath.

The memory of my unanimated past

Where suspended and nurtured, I knew love.

I have neither the desire nor ambition to be wrenched forth

Into the cold winter of pain and indifference.

I cleaves to my idea of self

Safe and secure, in the here and now.

Lest you cast me into your woeful existence ,

of hunger, pain and sorrow.

Teaching me envy, jealousy and greed,

the grim realities of survival.

I yearn to remain in this warmth without want,

Where the serenity of pastel colors and soft sounds

gently caress the pillows of my mind.

Yet the wolves circle,

his vulnerability painfully apparent.

If he remains unguarded

The evil of the world will devour his pure heart,

Lest someone of goodness can nurture him.

I can only bring him thus far,

I need to know I can trust you,

To take us both in your arms with love.

To be our buffer and support,

To listen to us when we speak,

To comfort us when we hurt.

To clothe us with the armor of love.

For this I pray and offer thanks,

That my precious cargo be safe and nurtured.

Into your hands I commend my liege.

For among the wicked are the good,

Those who remember my voice,

Those who know the way back,

And the perilous journey ahead.

For you alone have not forgotten

The pure state of innocence and have

Dedicated yourself to returning to the truth.

Christopher Cole

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