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By Dr. Janine Romaner

Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder are primarily visible in all facets of behavioral and learning disabilities. However, because there are also a number of chronic physical weaknesses and deficiencies, there can be extensive positive changes developmentally and socially by improving the physical health of your child. There may be a hereditary predisposition to Autism which can be triggered by hazardous neurotoxins ingested or injected, originating from environmental and other sources.

The incidence of Autism has increased to epidemic proportions. In the US alone Autism cases have exploded from 1 in 10,000 in 1985 to 1 in 150 today. California alone reports a 273 percent increase since 1988. Having worked extensively with children diagnosed with Aspbergers (mild Autism), Autism or various developmental delay syndromes, I am convinced that Autism is largely an iatrogenic condition. “Iatrogenic” means treatment induced. Increasingly there is evidence that childhood vaccinations can pose a serious risk when administered to an infant or baby, and can trigger the onset of Autism. Unfortunately, this topic is riddled with politics and financial implications, with deliberate attempts to hide the seriousness of the vaccine-related risks.

Vaccines are injections that contain weakened amounts of the disease germ the injection is meant to protect against. The premise is that this stimulates the body to produce antibodies, or proteins that defend the body from an invasion by harmful germs. The idea of vaccines to prevent disease can be traced back to 1796.

In 1943 Leo Kanner (child psychologist) announced his discovery of 11 cases of a new mental disorder, shortly thereafter known as Autism. As stated by Neil Miller in VACCINES, ARE THEY REALLY SAFE & EFFECTIVE? “These first cases of autism in the United States occurred at a time when the pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine was becoming increasingly available. By the 1950s and 1960s, parents from all over the country were seeking help for their autistic children. The growing numbers of children suffering from this new illness directly coincided with the growing popularity of the mandated vaccination programs during these same years…
“The same correlations between autism and childhood vaccination programs may be found in other countries as well.”

Parents are often told that nothing can be done other than putting their child on drugs. THIS IS NOT TRUE. When the underlying triggers, weaknesses and deficiencies are identified through tests, and are addressed, we repeatedly see improvement in the child’s learning ability, speech, social skills, immune system function and overall physical and emotional health. The younger the child begins treatment, the better. Some of my patients have even had their “Autism” diagnosis removed by their former medical doctor. Most Autistic children have also sadly experienced much fear and invasion in health practitioners’ offices, and seldom are treated like the beautiful Beings they are. So it is understandable that they would tense in fear, anticipating being pricked or having to ingest medications that can have harmful side effects. However, it is very possible, as we have witnessed, for the children to enjoy returning for health-care appointments. This is made probable when they are in an atmosphere of support and fun, when their whole lives and family situation are seen as an integral part of the picture, and when they are able to be tested non-invasively without pain associated. Lastly, when they begin to feel better, this adds creative momentum to the process.

Dozens of mothers have brought their children in for an initial appointment and said, “My child lost his/her speech right after the MMR vaccine.” Coincidence? Let me give you some information, and you decide. From THE NATURAL MEDICINE GUIDE TO AUTISM, by Stephanie Marohn: “Age 15 to 18 months is when children get the MMR vaccination. So, just at the time when they are experiencing maximum cranial growth and development, especially in the speech areas, they are given a vaccine, which is a potential trauma and a potential poison to the system. All of the components of the vaccine are foreign substances… The vaccine often causes a low-grade encephalitis, an actual brain irritation.” There is extensive information on this topic and, sadly, countless stories parents are telling.

As part of the overall nutrient, detoxification and dietary program we administer, often we will include Dimethylglycine, a non-protein amino acid, in combination with other nutrients for assimilation. This can assist in opening brain pathways for speech. Many children do respond to this to varying degrees, but if there is no progress we will then suggest Trimethylglicine for the same purpose.

Thimerosol is not the only vaccine-related hazard. The vaccine schedule is so crowded that doctors are combining numerous viruses in one vaccine, as well as the many other toxic ingredients in vaccines. While there are extensive studies on dangers posed, here is one brief quote from, VACCINES, ARE THEY REALLY SAFE AND EFFECTIVE, by Neil Miller: “The diptheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines are usually combined into a single formula (DTP or DTaP). Components of this triple shot are ‘stabilized’ using formaldehyde – a known carcinogen. Each dose also contains thimerosol-a derivative of mercury-and aluminum potassium sulfate. Mercury and aluminum are toxic to humans.”

Neil Miller also writes these statistics:
Only 30% of the doctors and nurses in the United States get flu shots.
Do doctors think the Hepatitis vaccine is necessary? Only 13% say “yes.”
Do doctors report vaccine reactions? Miller’s studies show that 18% do not.

Blending Ancient Tradition With Modern Technology
In our clinic, one of the main types of testing we use is “Electro-Dermal Screening.” This non-invasive form of testing (no needles or puncturing of skin) is based in the acupuncture meridian system. The approach is literally centuries old. The instrument used to document findings is more modern, having been created in Germany by Dr. Reinhold Voll, in 1954. Since then it has been advanced greatly and has been computerized, being used now extensively in many countries throughout the world. So we are blending ancient tradition with modern technology. By “screening” the organs and systems using minute electrical stimulation (similar to an EKG), we can determine energetic levels of toxicity, organ function, metabolic and neurotransmitter imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and locate exact underlying toxins. Natural homeopathic and herbal formulations, as well as specific pharmaceutical grade vitamin, mineral and enzyme nutrients are tested to create a personalized program, and are available for the re-balancing and cleansing of the body. Nutrition and lifestyle enhancements are also addressed. The nutrients are child friendly – sometimes drops under the tongue, and/or chewables.

Some of the chronic underlying contributors commonly found can be any combination of the following:
Ø Infant vaccinations (DPT, MMR and others).
Ø Excessive yeast often stemming from antibiotic treatment for repeated ear or other infections. If there is underlying metal toxicity in the system, yeast often develops in order to protect the organs and nervous system from the damage metals can cause. Yeast overgrowth releases toxins that can slow brain function down.
Ø Metal Toxicity: elevated levels of heavy metals can impair brain or nervous system function. Metals can be ingested from a variety of sources. One common source is vaccinations in which thimerosol (methyl mercury) has been used as a preservative. A less significant source can come from amalgams (silver fillings) in the pregnant mother’s mouth. Metal toxins from amalgams (an amalgamation of 5 dissimilar toxic metals) can cross the placenta barrier and be absorbed by the fetus.
Ø Neurotransmitter Imbalances
Ø Unusual blood flow patterns in the brain
Ø Nutritional Deficiencies: some of the children are very particular about what they will eat. If there is overgrowth of yeast in the intestines, nutrient absorption is blocked in an already digestive-challenged system (85% of our nutrients are absorbed through the small intestines.)
Ø Digestive Enzyme Deficiencies: This is revealed in pancreatic, liver and intestinal function primarily, but can be substantially improved or corrected with the appropriate combination of digestive enzymes or alkaline salts, diet, and re-culturing the intestines. Many children benefit from a gluten free, casein free diet.
Ø Food Allergies: These often originate from a porous lining of the intestines through which food particles escape, causing antibodies to form.
Ø Acidic blood, rather than alkaline
Ø Other toxins such as pesticides, environmental pollutants, and more.


Supplying your child with sufficient nutrients is crucial for healthy mental, emotional and physical function. This is especially true while a child is growing their body. It is also vital to avoid processed foods toxic with pesticides, herbicides, dyes, and chemicals. Most parents are unaware of the serious damage to essential organs caused by these neurotoxins, and many famous fast food chains deliberately target their marketing to children beginning at age 2 ½.

Healthful eating habits may prove to be a learning process for families presently unaware of the severe effects on health caused by neurotoxins. My approach is to assist each child and family with the next step(s) they can take, and at the pace they can be taken. I believe there is a kernel of gold in the hearts of each of these children, and it continues to be my privilege to work with them.

Janine Romaner, ND, CHT is a naturopathic doctor with a private practice in N. Atlanta, GA where she & the clinic staff regularly assist patients to reclaim their health with dignity & knowledge. Rather than covering symptoms and giving temporary relief, her personalized and natural approach to health care, which includes extensive bio-energetic testing, is designed to aid healing from inside out, and to encourage improved quality of life. Janine can be reached at 770- 640-6690. For more information, go to

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