The Cause of Autism- has the final piece of the Jigsaw been found?

Independent work by three research professors points to the possibility of high testosterone levels in the womb and/or in early infancy being a predisposition to, and an indicator for autism. There are four autistic boys for every autistic girl.

Professors Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University and John Thomas Manning of the University of Central Lancashire UK have both come up with convincing evidence that higher than normal foetal testosterone is significant and that other pointers such as 2nd and 4th digit finger length ratios in new born infants may be important signs.

But another Professor, Boyd Haley of the University of Kentucky says that testosterone potentiates with mercury to greatly increase toxicity and can damage the infant brain and the central nervous system. As a result an impaired immune system is less able to fight off other toxins in vaccines and neurological damage results. Professor Boyd Haley is an expert in mercury and he believes that mercury used in vaccines over the last sixty years may trigger autism. Autism was first described in 1943 by Leo Kanner as a ‘new and hitherto unknown condition.’

Professor Haley may be right because this Trust’s extensive enquiries over two and a half years have failed to find any unvaccinated autistic individuals. Every infant born where elevated testosterone levels were present in the womb may

not become autistic. But the so far unanswered question is whether autism only affects those high testosterone infants who are subsequently vaccinated with mercury-containing vaccines. It is hard to find other explanations because more than one in seven people born since 1966 in the UK (Public Health Laboratory Services) have not been vaccinated or have not had DTP and/or MMR but they do not seem to be present in the autistic population. This issue is now a matter of extreme urgency for UK and US researchers.

Multiple vaccines in the form of DTP and Anti-D (the latter given during pregnancy) are given in repeat doses and have historically contained high levels of Thiomersal (mercury compound). A former advisor on vaccines to the US Government, paediatrician Neal Halsey says that he does not think the aggregate amounts of mercury had been properly calculated (New Yorker Nov 2002). The US Food and Drug Administration, The US Institute of Medicine and the MRC in the UK accept that mercury poisoning and autism have similar characteristics and/or that Thiomersal is probably harmful to infants.

Neal Halsey subsequently said to the New York Times in a letter dated 11 November 2002 ‘that there is no “threat” as Thiomersal has been removed from vaccines used in children.’ No it has not! The FDA requested US makers to withdraw these products from January 1999 but it is not known whether this has yet been achieved in the US. The British Government has taken no action to ban or withdraw these products from use.

Over the last twenty years or so the US Government has paid out over $1 billion dollars in compensation to victims of vaccine damage resulting from products containing mercury.

MMR Research Trust March 2003

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