The Autism Experience: Stories of Hope and Love Review

“I found this book to be very aptly named. Love and commitment to family simply pour out of every page. While the day-to-day struggles of parenting a child with Autism can be intimidating to read, I don’t think anyone could walk away from this book without a deeper understanding of both the diagnosis and it’s impact on individual lives.

Parenting a child with special needs can often be a very isolating experience, but I think the messages of these parents will resonate with every parent:

I want my child to be happy.
I want my child to feel loved.
I want my child to be accepted for who he is.
I want my child to be successful on his/her own terms.

These are experiences we hope for all of our children and perhaps that is the greatest lesson this book teaches; that those who experience Autism only want for their children what we all want for ours. An excellent and
eye-opening read!”

Lisa Simmons, Ideal Lives Project
Connecting Advocates to Answers

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