Teenage Web Guru Overcame Autism

A young entrepreneur who suffers from a form of autism, has launched a Norfolk web design company that is already attracting clients from as far a field as America.

Joseph Hill, 17, may not have passed his driving test yet but he certainly has a drive for ambition. For the boss of Triffik.com, of Wreningham, left school before his A-Levels to take on the challenging responsibility of running the company.

The story is all the more remarkable, because Joseph suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. “Asperger’s people are focussed and dedicated to a specific task. That helps me enormously in being driven to achieve success for both the
business and the clients,” he said.

“There are many famous people with Asperger’s, one of whom is Bill Gates. Now he hasn’t done badly for himself, has he?” Despite his age and the occasional frustrations of his condition, he knows what he is talking about. The former Notre Dame High student was building complex web sites by the age of 15. He has already carried out consultancy work for the Office of Government Commerce (OGC), the Norwich-based former Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency. And he has also had enquiries from Washington asking him about maintaining a web site for a fair trade organisation.

His many other projects have included developing a search engine for an antiques shop. Joseph has a clear vision of where he wants his company to go.
I want to be moving away from having to design myself, and instead to be discussing with companies what they wish to achieve from their e-presence.” He added: “I am entirely confident that I have the abilities to succeed, and am spending much of my time preparing for a new product due to be launched in May. This required a tough decision as whether to leave school and have the product out this year, or to wait another 12 months.”
*Contact Triffik.com at 1 & 2 The Marshes, Wreningham, Norfolk, NR161BL. Call (01508) 489400/488 379 or 07761 765 299.

Email: joe@triffik.com, log on to: www.triffik.com.

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