Study finds no link between vaccinations and autism

1. Autism research needs to include considerations of all aspects of autism and related conditions, in all age ranges, including
a) accurate screening, diagnosis and condition assessment;
b) biological/medical conditions related to autism, or with implications in autism
c) effective treatments/condition improvements
d) vocational training and support
e) family and life consequences, as well as training, supports, services and assistance, including caregiver wellbeing
f) relating autism-specific knowledge/research to autism related conditions
g) treatment/support cost benefit
h) causes of or contributing factors to autism conditions
2. Autism needs to be a priority for Canadain governments, in consideration of the staggering increase in number of reported cases, associated cost of autism service provision, much greater cost of ineffective or non-provision of effective autism treamtnes and supports, and with the involvement of all research organizations, including:
a) Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)
b) Canadian Institute of Health Information (CIHI)
c) Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC)
d) Health Canada
e) Canadian health, health education and education institutions (including universities)
f) Canadian Coordinating Office of Health Technology Assessment
g) Provincial offices of Health Technology Assessment
h) Provincial Research Councils

3. Canadian autism research needs improved communication and collaboration with similar endeavors in the international autism community, including
a) attendance of Canadian autism decision makers, autism professionals, and autism-related professionals at gatherings of international autism researchers
b) Canadian government research representatives seeking communication/collaboration with the US National Institute of Health Autism Coordinating Committee.
c) Canadian autism researchers working in collaborative international networks to increase the global autism knowledge base.

ASC Priority for Canadian autism research
– Improve research-based autism knowledge
– Develop research-based autism expertise and interest in autism research
– Develop university-based autism effective treatment comparitive projects in a variety of disciplines

Researchers, SK Society for the Autistic

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