Some contrasts…..

Hi people,

In life we can make choices about the type of person we want to be.

If we are somehow harming ourselves or someone else, we can, step by step, try to adapt.

Old dog’s really can learn new tricks. Here’s some contrasts to have a look at in your own space and recognise yourselves how you will. You might be pleased, disappointed, surprised… whatever.

Sometimes we have ideas of ourselves which don’t meet up with the reality of how we are in life.

Changing ourselves involves recognising where we are and where we’d rather be or what would be more useful in our involvement with others and how we will feel looking in the mirror when we see whose inside.

anyway, here it is…

from Donna Williams

Some contrasts…..

the emperor the translator/the anthropologist
arrogant in our assumptions enquiring and open to altering our beliefs
one idea of ‘normality’ or ‘learning’ an understanding that ‘normality’ and learning style is relative
nothing is surprising everything is surprising
life’s full of challenges life’s full of opportunities
imposing accomodating
compliance oriented choice oriented
subjective objective, detached
moralising pragmatic
dominating and punishing allowing the person to handle own consequences
superiority and deference facilitate identification
preach model
dominating firm but respectful of difference
controlling and rigid self owning and flexible
dictator diplomat
disempowering empowering
invasive aloof
heirarchy equality
protocol let it like it is
manners as judgement manners only as a tool
in your face playing hard to get
rants and lectures small doses
directly confrontational indirectly confrontational
self in relation to other self owning

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