Solving the Autism Problems

Article By: Phil Bate PhD
Article Date: 07/28/2008

I wrote a 3 page paper for the recent DAN conference in Cherry Hill NJ designed to help parents do the research that is necessary to help their children. Unfortunately, too many turn to their pediatrician or neurologist, finding out after too much money wasted that they know too little to really help.

This paper is available at: It lists many different therapies, and links to research them on the web. In most cases, after this research, most parents will know more than most pediatricians and/or neurologists. None of them had ever taken any classes in med school, and knew very little. (At the show, I sold 3 pediatricians and 1 neurologist my Neuroliminal Training program).

My understanding of the whole autism “thing” became clearer as well. I knew of all the problems associated with improving autism cases, but hadn’t associated them into a semblance of order. In many discussions with other health experts, my mind seemed to clarify, and I realized that there actually is some of order to this.

1. First, there is the actual brain damage that separates autism from the ADD/ADHD continuum. Mercury, lead and aluminum are all part of the huge epidemic. Vaccines, lead toys, etc may be a major part, but our diets are also involved. The mineral pollution has increased on our planet to a degree unsuspected by most, and this has made a much larger percentage of people susceptible. Until these mineral toxins are chelated out, there is danger of more brain damage.

So, a major step with autism and all other “brain problems” has to be clearing the body of toxic minerals and other toxins.

This is not as simple as chelation for a few weeks. The traditional mineral measurements of blood, urine, and even hair are all based on amounts excreted, NOT on body amounts stored. How much is actually circulating in the blood to be excreted depends on a balance between getting rid of the toxins, and poisoning the brain with the blood flow. The higher the level in the body, the closer to real brain damage.

Another factor that is overlooked is nutritional. If there is a low level of glutathione and/or vitamin C, that are natural chelators, then the body does not release the toxins into the blood. Thus, blood, urine, and hair do not show actual levels at all, and it’s often thought that mineral toxicity is not an important consideration.

(Before any testing is done, I’d advise giving the child vitamin C up to near bowel tolerance (just below diarrhea) for a week for either blood or urine testing, and a month or more for hair analysis. This will make the testing much more accurate). It’s important that the way all minerals are measured is as a ratio between toxic and “normal” amounts of nutritional minerals. These “normal” minerals are fairly accurate over a period of time, but the ratio may not be as the body cannot release from storage those toxic ones.

2. Because of several factors, autistic (and many other children) develop “leaky gut syndrome”. These factors are:

1. Stress requires more vitamins (B and C) to handle it. As stress increases, so does this nutritional need, and in our “modern” world, nutrition is becoming less and poorer.

2. As the need for more nutrition increases, the body tries to get it by allowing “poorly” digested food particles into the body. The worlds of the gut and body are very different and meant to be separate, and this condition allows way too much contact. Some more toxic material gets thru.

Contamination by bacteria and viruses is only a part of the danger Amino acids should be digested down to a few individual or simple combinations, but because of this leaking, long strings of amino acids (peptides) are allowed to get into the blood. The brain mistakes these for “enemies”, and develops a food allergy (sensitivity) to the food that this string came from. (Two of the most allergenic foods are wheat and milk – thus the gluten and casein free diet works well for many – actually the Caveman diet is even better as it eliminates many more common allergenic foods. Find this at

Also part of this downward spiral is yeast overgrowth in the gut that comes from antibiotics (overused). This lowers the ability of the gut to digest, and contributes to the leaky gut syndrome, causing even more food allergies.

3. This causing of more allergies now results in even more stress as stresses are additive. More nutrition required, but less gotten – a vicious downward spiral indeed. So, it is necessary to go after the allergies, and solve them. (These food allergies are classified by MD’s as “sensitivities”, but they do the same things as true allergies.)

The basic cause of virtually all “mental disease” is stress, and unknown (to the person) allergies are the most common cause of unknown stress.(added to the stress of living). If this allergy is solved, the person is able to solve the “normal” life stresses. For some as yet unknown reason, raising the SMR brain wave amplitude solves most of these allergies, and even some “true”allergies as well as the sensitivities.

That’s where my Neuroliminal Training CD’s come in. They do this – gradually solve these allergies, and gradually lower the requirement for more nutrition to handle that stress. By adding the increase in brain blood, this process is probably speeded up. (We know that Hyperbaric works, so does this.)

I have received dozens of anecdotal reports of solved allergies, even environmental ones such as ragweed hay fever, peanuts causing rheumatoid arthritis, etc.

At the conference, I featured a display of both the Autism and the SMR Plus CD’s. I got many questions “What’s the difference?” It’s simple. With attention as a major problem, then lowering of the Theta brain waves is done. The NASA research in the 90’s showed clearly that lowering Theta definitely increased concentration and “attention”. (But, with no “attention” problems, lowering Theta may also lower very strong creative or artistic ability. With the ADD-Autism continuum, it’s more important to have the concentration ability to become closer to “normal living”. With a depressed artist, not so good, thus the SMR Plus which does not affect Theta.

Therefore, I would recommend using the NT therapy as soon as possible, and at any age from infancy up. (It goes directly to the unconscious, and is effective from birth up it seems.) Then toxic testing and chelation (vitamin C is the cheapest and better for health that any other). Then, probiotics for yeast problems, and better supplements for nutritional requirements to solve the leaky gut.

One child (of a set of twins) went from an animalistic, non verbal 3 year old girl to a quite “normal” using Neurofeedback. It took two years, but it worked. Unfortunately, NFB is so expensive and difficult that few clinicians will even consider it. NT does it very well, and is affordable.

Dr Bate is a retired orthomolecular psychologist who invented Neuroliminal Training, a better way to change brain wave amplitudes.

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