Sleep Problems Prevalent in Children with Asperger Syndrome

Its not always easy for a child to get the quantity and quality of sleep they need. A new study finds children with Asperger Syndrome are even more likely to have sleep problems. The study finds these children have a high prevalence of sleep disorders and problems going to sleep and sleep restlessness throughout the night.

Asperger Syndrome (AS) is one of several autism spectrum disorders characterized by difficulties in social interaction and by restricted interests and activities. With AS, there is no general delay in language or cognitive development. Researchers from Italy looked at sleep and children with AS. It is the first known study of its kind.

For the study, researchers focused on eight children with AS, 10 children with autism and 12 healthy children. Parents filled out several questionnaires and the children underwent several sleep tests.

Researchers report 50 percent of children with AS were reluctant to go to bed, 75 percent needed the television or a light on in the bedroom, 87 percent had difficulty getting to sleep and 75 percent fell asleep sweating. Study authors also found half of the children did not feel refreshed in the morning and 87 percent had difficulty waking up in the morning and 87 percent felt sleepy during the day.

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