Ohio Foster Parents Murder Charges Expected For Death of 3 Yr Old Autistic

By Liz Carey for the Community Press

Hamilton and Clermont counties will work together in ensuring Liz and David Carroll Jr. will spend the rest of their lives in prison for the death of Marcus Fiesel.

During a press conference Sept. 1, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said the two would be tried in Clermont County on charges stemming from Marcus Fiesel’s death, including the charge of gross abuse of a corpse against David Carroll.

The two would still be tried in Hamilton County on charges of inducing panic and perjury.

“There is reasonable legal theory by which we could try those cases here, but the last thing we want to have happen is some legal technicality be present and these two walk,” he said. “In an abundance of caution, we are going to have all charges related to the homicide of Marcus moved to Clermont County.”

Clermont County Prosecutor Don White said he would present evidence to the Clermont County Grand Jury on Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Once presented with the law and the evidence, the grand jury will determine what charges the Carrolls would be held on.

White anticipated their arraignment would take place the next day, and a trial to begin as soon as possible.

In Clermont County, they must be brought to trial within 90 days, but that timeline was up to the Carrolls’ attorneys as well.

White felt the charges would be changed.

“Based on what I know about the case, I believe we’ll have a murder indictment,” he said.

The case began Aug. 15 when Liz Carroll claimed her 3-year-old autistic foster child, Marcus Fiesel, walked away from her when she passed out in Juilfs Park in Anderson Township.

After an intense search of the park and surrounding areas, suspicions began to grow. The search was called off Aug. 19.

When no witnesses came forward who said they had seen Marcus in the park that day, Carroll pleaded with area residents to come forward if anyone had seen her or seen her with Marcus on the day he disappeared.

On Aug. 28, Deters charged the couple with involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment, alleging the couple had wrapped the child in a blanket, bound him in wrapping tape and locked him in a closet on Aug. 4 while they attended a family reunion in Kentucky.

When they returned on Aug. 6, Marcus was dead, Deters said. It was then, David Carroll allegedly took Marcus’ body to Brown County and attempted to incinerate it. When it wouldn’t burn, Deters said, Carroll dumped the remains in the Ohio River.

David Carroll has also been charged with gross abuse of a corpse.
According to Deters, remains taken from a Brown County chimney have been confirmed to be human by Hamilton County Coroner Odell Owens, and that the remains also contain traces of a fire accelerant.

Deters said the break in the case came during testimony from David Carroll’s alleged live-in girlfriend, Amy Baker.

“She gave us the break in this case, but she is far from the strongest evidence in this case,” Deters said. “We told Amy if she did not hurt Marcus and was truthful, we would not charge Amy.”

Deters had no kind words for Marcus’ biological mother, Donna Trevino.
“The Carrolls did this for money … you know, I’m just sickened that people keep on using Marcus for a paycheck,” he said, referring to Trevino’s anticipated lawsuit. “If she would have … paid half as much attention to Marcus as she’s doing now, we wouldn’t be in this situation today. She should mourn her child, but to angle this for money, I think is outrageous.

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