New Websites

Just me saying a little hello and letting you all know that in addition to we have now started two other websites you might like to wander through and

On the nobody nowhere site we might later put a facility for people to write about how Nobody Nowhere effected them as it changed a lot of things for a lot of people so feel free to email me about that if you want.

The site is a new idea to promote self employment skills in all autie spectrum people of all abilities from dog walkers to fruit pickers, to IT gurus and artists. So check it out… we will be soon taking profiles for the site of those on the autie spectrum letting people know what their own self-employment forte is whether its professional spoon collector or master rollerblade skater… we’re open minded.

feel free to let anyone else know about the websites.

Hope you are all finding some happy space somewhere in your lives


Donna Williams *)

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