New Columbia Univer. Study Confirms IOM Vaccine-Autism Report Is Wrong

Washington, D.C. SafeMinds – America’s leading scientific organization investigating the risks that mercury-containing medical products pose to our children – applauds the release of a study from Columbia University that demonstrates the link between Thimerosal, a mercury-laden preservative
found in some vaccines, and neurodevelopmental injury.”This study is a perfect example of the scientific findings that the IOM ignored when creating their recent report on the potential of a vaccine-autism link,”stated Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, NP, president of SafeMinds. “The IOM was well aware that studies such as these were due for release, but chose to ignore them – which is why SafeMinds called the IOM’s report premature.”

Dr. Mady Hornig, associate professor at Columbia University,
conducted this first-of-its-kind research study, which found that the administration of low-dose mercury – like that in children’s vaccines – can lead to behavioral and neurological changes in the developing brain. “Identifying
the connection&is extremely exciting because it enables us to intervene
and limit that exposure in a specific population,” said Hornig in Columbia
University’s press release.

Last month, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Immunization Safety Review Committee released a widely panned report that attempted to deny the mercury-vaccine-autism link. “The findings in this study make clear that
the IOM was more interested in regurgitating CDC spin than incorporating
hard science, like Dr. Hornig’s report. Such information would force the
government to face the reality of the Thimerosal threat and take
definitive action to protect countless children from potential neurological damage.

“Until the CDC and FDA stop hindering crucial medical research, and stop playing Enron-esque accounting games under the label of ‘science’ to protect their position and policy makers, it will be up to independent organizations, like SafeMinds, to assure that every possible research avenue is funded,”concluded Redwood.

The study was funded by the MIND Institute of University of
California at Davis, Ellison Medical Foundation, and the Coalition for SafeMinds. A copy of the study will be posted soon at

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