More Toys for the Little Nerd or Nerdette

Continuing with our service to make your holiday season shopping more gratifying this year, or to shove, way too soon, Christmas down the throats of our readers in October, depending on how you look at it, here is another gift website worth mentioning.

(What is missing now are some great sources for clothes designed with autistic children in mind, if even such a thing exists. If any reader has any suggestions, let us know.… and remember, 2006 is almost here, wishing you a Happy New Year!

We would like to announce a new toy and gadget store designed specifically for people on the spectrum! OZMO was started to make it safe fun and convenient to shop for all people with autism and asperger’s syndrome. We at OZMO believe everyone should have fun and relax with stuff they like.
At OZMO, there won’t be pop-up or banner ads. Everything is clearly marked with whole dollar amounts. All of the items are picked for their fun and relaxation value, not whether they are educational. We have gross stuff, but nothing violent or sexual.

OZMO was started as a family business to give our autistic son a fun job and to help friends and families of people on the spectrum easily find cool stuff for rewards and gifts. We hope that people with ASD find it a great place to shop.

Here is a fun look at OZMO, from A to Z. It is only a small sample, too!

Ambient sleep DVDs and Athlete’s foot, Bug tumble hunt puzzle, Crystal window drops, Dinomechs and Disgusting sound machines, Expanding swords and Ebola, Flashing stuff with more coming soon!, Gizmos Gears and Gravitrons, House in a tree and Hairy pens, Infection game and Insectobots.

Joke book and books of all kinds, Kaleidoscopes, Laser tech tops and Laser see deez, Magnet puzzles, Magnet mosaics, and Magic glasses, Nature sounds pillow, Oops poo and OZMO sifters.

Pin art, Prisms, and Plentiful Pipes, Quite a list-don’t Quit!, Rainsticks and Ribbon wands, Solar System and Space playsets, Thingamabotz, Ulcer giant germs, Vomit…fake, of course, Wave drum, Xtra relaXing stuff, Y? Because we need fun, Zube tube for cosmic sounds. 1-866-255-6200

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