Mind Reading: The educational software system that teaches emotions

“Mind Reading” is a software system that teaches users to recognize human emotions. It was developed to help people on the autism spectrum improve interpersonal communication, and is also helpful for anyone who wants to
learn more about emotion recognition. Mind Reading is appropriate for children ages 4 and up and adults, as individuals or in groups, in
home or educational settings.

In the Mind Reading system, 6 actors each portray 412 emotions, captured on video and audio displaying facial and vocal expression with over 5,000 examples in all. In addition, each of the 412 emotions is depicted through 6 brief stories that show the kinds of contexts that give rise to each particular emotion.

There are six maturity levels to choose from, enabling each user to begin at his or her own level and learn at his or her own pace. In addition, there are “helper” characters that guide users by offering navigational instructions, congratulations and encouragement. Users may select one of three helper characters, or none at all, depending on their age and taste.

The Mind Reading Deluxe System (Emotions Library, Learning Center, Games Zone, MR Manager) is available on 4 CD-ROMs or on a single DVD-ROM for $149.95. Mind Reading: Emotions Library (Emotions Library only) is available on a single CD-ROM for $49.95. A multi-user edition of Mind Reading Deluxe for clinics and schools is also available. All versions run on most recent Windows and Macintosh computers.

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