Lab Licenses Test Panels for Autism, ADD and ADHD

From a company press release.

Jetti Katz Labs (NY,NY) and LookForHealth announce a licensing agreement for the technology developed by Look For Health for its proprietary test panels for gastrointestinal dysfunction in children wih Pervasive Developmental Disorder including those with ADD, ADHD and Autism.

The terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“We are more than excited to have a lab of such prestige and renown”
come aboard to perform the stool testing” states Dr. Joan Fallon, CEO of Look For Health. “Jetti Katz lab and its medical director Dr. John Asher are well known in the GI community, and Dr. Asher’s presence in this project is an honor” further states Fallon.

Jetti Katz Lab best known for its tropical medicine work has an 80 year history of performing the very testing that is necessary to examine the gastrointestinal health of the children with PDD. Utilized by many fortune 500 companies, its director Dr. John Asher is a nationally recognized expert in the field of tropical medicine, and gastrointestinal health who regularly appears as a expert on TV and radio. His expertise is regularly sought by the medical community both nationally and internationally LookForHealth’s proprietary and patented work has demonstrated that children with PDD including ADD, ADHD, and autism have gastrointestinal dysfunction. Questions regarding the gastrointestinal health of children with PDD and other conditions have been placed into question over the last few years. These test panels which include a screening panel and more definitive panels will allow the practitioner a unique window into the gastrointestinal health of the child.

Undigested protein and fat can potentially become allergens and cause substantial problems for the child. Further, these problems can create an environment where pathogens can begin to flourish and these test panels are designed to detect the antigenic presence of pathologic bacteria and viruses which can cause illness in the child.

“This agreement allows the child with autism, ADD and ADHD and others access to the finest laboratory in the US for detecting GI pathogens and functional changes in the gastrointestinal tract.” states Fallon “Dr.
Asher’s expertise will no doubt be a value to the thousands of children with these disorders.

If a parent or physician are interested in learning more or ordering a testing panel further questions can be addressed by calling: Jetti Katz Labs
212-207-4923 or Look For Health 914-779-9300.

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