Innovative Rehabilitation Therapy Helps Brain Function and Motor Planning

INTERACTIVE METRONOME COURSE IN LONG BEACH ON MARCH 31Weston, FL – Children and adults who suffer from neurological issues such as autism, stroke and traumatic brain injury share an inability to effectively plan and sequence their movements. Interactive Metronome (IM), a dynamic and innovative therapy for cognitive rehabilitation, addresses these confounding motor planning problems and much more. In Texas on March 31, one-day Interactive Metronome certification courses are being offered in Irving at the Westin Airport Hotel and in Houston at the Hilton Plaza Medical Center.

By completing the course, healthcare professionals and social workers can learn how thousands of practitioners globally are using IM to improve cognitive, communicative, behavioral and motor deficiencies.

Motor planning and sequencing are central to human activity – from the coordinated movements needed to walk to the clapping of a child’s hands. They are also involved in creating thoughts, and the sequencing of words to provide meaningful communication. IM is the only therapy tool that challenges the patient to synchronize a range of hand and foot exercises to a precise computer-generated reference beat. The patented audio/visual guidance system provides immediate feedback measured in milliseconds using a mathematical score.

With treatment, patients show improvement in focus and attention, physical coordination, endurance and stamina, improvement in their ability to monitor mental and physical actions in real-time, and progressively improve in a multitude of skills that include walking, reading fluency, focus and communication.

“The brain’s efficiency and performance depend on the seamless transition of neurological signals from one area of the brain to another,” says Dr. Neal Alpiner, Medical Director of Rehabilitation at William Beaumont Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. “IM works by augmenting the brain’s processing speed along the neuroaxis.”

The cost to register for either IM course is $200 for an individual. Groups of two or more may register for $180. Continuing Education Units deemed valid by ASHA, AOTA and BOC are offered for healthcare professionals including therapists, educators and others. On-line registration is available on

Interactive Metronome, Inc. is based in Weston, Florida. The company offers its patented Interactive Metronome® treatment through 4,000 certified IM providers in more than 2,500 clinics, hospitals and universities throughout North America and in 33 countries worldwide. A media kit and research reports are available. For more information, contact Hilda Mitrani at 305-992-3475 or

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