How To Celebrate New Year With Your Autistic Child

As a parent of an autistic child, you know how difficult it can be to go out for a party. Leaving your child in someone else’s care is difficult and maybe even dangerous. The nanny or babysitter needs to be well versed in taking care of an autistic child. In fact, they need to be well known to your child so that she is comfortable in their hands. That’s why it is better to celebrate New Year at home, with family and loved ones.

Don’t call too many people
Invite those who are comfortable around your child and vice versa. Close friends and family who frequent the house or spend time with your child are ideal. If you are inviting children, make sure that your child gets along with them. You may even invite families of children with autism so that everybody has a place to celebrate!

Communicate important do’s and don’ts
Like what not to bring to the party, certain colors that people should not be wearing, etc. You could do this without offending people by having a theme or a dress code.

Play the right music
This could fit in to the theme of your party if planned right. Play the kind of music that your child will be comfortable with. Make sure that the volume is not tampered with too much.

Stick with familiar activities
Play games and activities that your child is familiar with. If you have invited other autistic children, take out time to find out what kind of activities they like to indulge in.

Choose the right food
Again, if you have other autistic children over, make sure you’ve arranged for food based on their preference as well. A good way of ensuring this is to have a potluck where each family gets something that they know their kids will eat. Make sure you label the food on the table when its served so people know what they’re picking up without having to bother you.

Prepare your child’s mind for the party
Finally, prepare your child for the party. Get her excited and let her look forward to it. Autistic children usually like structure, so explain the entire plan of the party. You may even want to create a time table of activities and events and share it with all families with autistic children.

It’s not too late if you don’t have anything planned yet. Go ahead and enjoy this new year with your autistic child!

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