Free Single MMR Under Tories

By Paul Waugh, Evening Standard, UK

Opponents of the controversial MMR vaccine received a major boost today after Michael Howard promised to offer single jabs on the NHS. A Tory government [conservative] would give parents the choice of separate [monovalent] inoculations for their children instead of forcing them to have the combined measles, mumps and rubella injection.

In his first concrete pledge on the issue, the Opposition leader said
that he would find the money to pay for the single jabs to restore public
confidence in vaccination as a whole.

Thousands of parents have refused to give their youngsters the triple
jab following claims by Dr Andrew Wakefield of a link to bowel disease and
autism. Many people currently pay privately for the separate injections.
Tony Blair has declared the combined vaccine safe but has repeatedly refused
to reveal whether his son Leo was given it.

Mr Howard said that the idea of choice in the NHS was central to his
party’s wider approach on public services at the next general election.
He added: “If people can have the choice over separate or combined
injections if they go private, they should be able to have it on the NHS.”

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