Found this interesting folks…

It has been ginog auonrd letaly, that smoe rasecher at an Egnilsh Uitnvisrey
has pevorn taht it deos not meattr waht oedrr the mdilde lrtetes of a wrod
are in. As lnog as the frsit and lsat leetrts are in the cecrort ptiioosn
the lterets in beeewtn can be in any odrer you lkie and the rdeear wlil
slitl be albe to udstarnend the snnteece. It has semhtonig to do with how
the biran pssceeros the wttiern wrod.

The fact this is so readable says a lot about learning to read by pattern rather than just phonetics, different people
learn by different styles. As someone who reads just fine in a mirror and for whom numbers often reverse (and in my case are sometimes
confused with letters – like A & 4 ) this was interesting to me.

from Donna Williams *)

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