Foreword to: “Making It a Success: Practical Strategies and Worksheets for Teaching Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder”

Making It a Successby Sue Larkey

The inclusion of a child with autism in a regular class can be a daunting experience for the child, as well as his or her teacher and the other children in the class. Unfortunately, teachers do not have the time to read academic textbooks and journals to determine why a child with autism is confused or unable to achieve a particular academic objective. They need easy and immediate access to advice and resources written in their own ‘language’ by someone who understands children and the dynamics of a typical classroom. Sue Larkey knows the problems associated with inclusion not only from her experience as a teacher herself, but also from her academic knowledge and qualifications and from her intuitive understanding of autism. She has a remarkable ability to identify and briefly explain the difficulties experienced by a child with autism in a regular classroom and to suggest realistic and practical strategies to improve abilities and behaviour. Her advice is succinct and wise. This book is precisely what teachers ask for and need.

The worksheets and activities can be photocopied, personalised and enjoyed by both the child with autism and other children in the class. Some of the ideas are based on conventional and proven strategies, while some suggestions are original and are destined to become part of the regular programs for children with autism. The author does not want a teacher to just survive the inclusion of the child with autism in his or her class from day to day but to make the inclusion a success. Reading and applying the activities in Sue Larkey’s new book will enable inclusion to be a success for everyone.

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