“Feels like I am in another Planet”

Article By: Sue Vitiello
Article Date: 08/29/2010

Feels like I am in another Planet?

Autism spectrum disorder affects children every day. I have worked with children on the spectrum for many years and not until my son was diagnosed with pervasive development disorder not otherwise specified did I really dig deep into all the research that was out there. It became apparent to me that my son had similar past to many other children on the spectrum .

When he was born at a 9 pounds 11 ounces by forceps, and became failure to thrive. He had a very hard time nursing and at the age of 6 weeks began a numerous amount of antibiotic for ear infections. He continued to have ear infections and antibiotic for many years. However, he develops normally, responding to his name, singing and speaking Italian and coming along great. He then receives his eighteen month needle and then just like a lightswitch or a trigger , autism became our world. Josh started to not respond to his name anymore. He continued to not interacting with others and fading into the other planet. My son was lost in another world and continued to separate himself. The twinkle that we once saw in my son’s eyes faded away . We had lost our son into the world of autism.

Finally, school begins for him and the educators noticed things were “different” . A school psychologist diagnosed him when he was seven and I remember that day like it was yesterday. I cried so much and was so sad about what we had heard. My worries were would he ever be in “not” autistic like . Would he be able to function as an adult.

Once I went through the sadness I began to feel a sense of flight and fight response. I researched every single thing, website, parent group and tried to see what things I could do for him. He started Sacrial Cranial therapy and it was amazing the changes that we had seen. The therapist mentioned that his skull bone was shifted and tight and therefore she would manipulate things and therefore we would see changes. My son started to show a glimpse of hope and we knew we could not stop there. After that I started him on digestive enzymes , multi vitamin, and acidophilus tablets. He went through a hair analysis and found out that he had extreme levels of mercury and nickel. He went through a heavy metal cleanse and things started to progress.

Interesting fact was that my husband and I were both born in Sudbury , Nickel capital . He was responding to things more than ever. My son was blessed with amazing teachers in his life so far and he thrives every day. He then started on omega 369 oils and continued with acidolphus, multi vitamin, vitamin B6 and Vitamin C and D. My son has now progressed through the years and continues to amaze me. He has completed his junior black belt, two school plays where he sang and danced on stage. He runs for student council and has become aware of his surroundings. He wants to be with others now and enjoys basketball.

My son still likes to be by himself and becomes obsessed about certain topics however he interacts more with us then ever before. The other day we talked about his childhood and how he was when he was little. I asked him what he felt like when he was little and his response was, “Mom, it was like I was in another planet” and now I feel that I am here right now! How powerful is that!

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