By Donna Williams

…written to a parent despairing of her boy’s obsession with fans and how it will mean loss of social connections, a possible end to any future…

here’s was my take on it…..

by hey, I’m a nut, a surrealist.

I can see greetings cards made from photographs of fans taken by him and sold via to obsessive autie spectrum fans of fans… he could even start a ‘fan club’ for fans of fans… he could make a living like Jessy Park does with telegraph poles except from pictures of fans… he could be a wonderful contemporary artist with his obsession with fans and do a marvellous fan installation with the fan as a metaphor for sensory bombardment and passion for movement or the calming nature of rotation… he could paint fans with graffiti or the amazing detailed degins of autistic artist Peter Myers and sell them as working sculptures to trendy people who already buy painted fridges and chairs… he could make a surreal comic strip or cartoon about fan characters for autie spectrum children who prefer fans to socially invasive and controlling people in the non-autistic world (I know you are caring and sharing but auties can sometimes perceive it as invading and controlling)…. the possibilities are endless… there is maths using pictures of fans, there are stories about fan-characters, there is having an electrical store with a fan department, there is the history of fans since the industrial revolution, there is geography studies of fans all around the world, and designing fans for mice, fans for cats, fans for dogs, and then paper fans and how these are related… goodness… there is an adventure waiting for you and you can choose adventure or war… if you choose adventure the whole world can broaden THROUGH fans….

Donna Williams
copyright Donna Williams 2005

Donna Williams *)
Ever the naughty Autie.

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