Early Intervention Information

“Your child has Autism” can be devastating information to parents. Most likely they knew through observation that their child was not developing the same way as other children in their neighborhood or even older siblings. Communication delayed. Social skills seem off. Routine or repetitive behaviors seem to be part of a daily repertoire. Sometimes the “hints” of Autism are subtle. Other times they are blatantly apparent. Regardless – being a parent of a child with autism is thought of as anything BUT “easy”.

What should be your next steps? That will depend on the age of the child, the degree of intervention that may be needed, and professional recommendations. “There are many professionals, community organizations, and educators who are here to help, support, give resources, and answer questions for you”, says psychologist, Louise Sattler.

It can all be so confusing! That is one reason Autism Today will be hosting their debut 1st World Autism Summit. To help parents learn, find support, and meet others (virtually) with similar situations. Learn from people on the spectrum- such as Temple Grandin. Ask about issues of intervention from the scores of experts joining. And find ways to celebrate the greatness of individuals with unique learning abilities, talents, and gifts!

Join us from September 25-October 1st for FREE! Register here: WORLD AUTISM SUMMIT REGISTRATION

Or come back anytime to the WORLD AUTISM SUMMIT for a wealth of information that will be uploaded and take-aways!


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