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Hi Everyone, has so far been running a few days and we’ve had hundreds of visitors but we certainly would welcome more listings from people on the Autistic Spectrum as well as Autie-Friendly businesses/services (small, large, tiny).

If we have lots of visitors but few listings, it won’t work.

So if you are a translator, artist, public speaker, musician, techy, therapist, artisan, packer, delivery driver, pamphlet deliverer, hairdresser, fruit picker… whatever… then do visit and think about putting up a listing. Its spam-safe as nobody can see your listing or contact details unless they register.

Now for those of you who are from non-english speaking countries… can you help us help people in those countries?

We have just put a new category for ‘translators’ on

We need people from non-english speaking countries or who speak other languages. We need people who can translate to consider putting up a listing as Autie-Friendly (if you are not formally diagnosed as on the spectrum but want to help) or Autie Entrepreneurs (if you have a formal diagnosis on the spectrum) as a translator (either paid or voluntary) who are able to help people on the spectrum to write a listing in English or translate their non-english websites so that english speaking visitors can buy direct from them.

This could especially help some people on the spectrum in some of the poorest countries in the world.

If you could somehow spread the word about what the site is about to those who don’t speak English, that would help too.

I utlimately hope people could get translation help (paid if they can afford it or voluntary if they can’t) and put a listing up in English so they can get english speaking people to buy their goods/services or employ them remotely.

Many people on the spectrum in poorer countries around the world struggle to earn a living in their own country and being on the spectrum often puts these people to the end of the queue.

I’d like to see if we can help them to have equal opportunites as english-speaking auties helped through the site.

Those who put up a listing but don’t understand replies in English could give a website link that goes through to a translated site featuring their goods/services with a pay pal facility to purchase directly solanguage should be an issue. But they would often need help to achieve this. Imagine if we could help build such access for people in some of the poorer countries in the world.

For example if someone or a collective of people on the spectrum in Venezuela did art or craft work they could sell, had written a book in their own language that people in english speaking countries might be able to buy, or had IT skills they could market remotely, it’d be good to have an english speaking market for those.

If they listed a website with an on-line gallery that had an english translation and pay pal facility to purchase their work, they could sell directly whether they understood English or not.

I hope some of you will think about visiting the site, telling others about it, linking to it or listing on it.

Thanks so much for supporting this vision.

🙂 Donna Williams
ever the naughty autie

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