California Doctor/Author Awarded for “Breakthrough” Medical Treatment

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Market Wire – His Excellency, T.N. Chaturvedi, governor of
Carnataka, India (one of India’s 22 states) presented California’s Dr. Devi Nambudripad with a golden plaque of honor at a ceremony held in her honor in Bangalore, Carnataka where he described her breakthrough medical treatment, NAET, as a “remarkable contribution to society.”

Dr. Nambudripad who was born in Kerala, south India, moved to
California in 1976. To date, she and her Buena Park, California staff have
treated more than 8,000 patients with NAET. She has written 11 books and
has trained close to 7,500 health professionals in the U.S., Canada, Europe,
Australia, India, Lebanon, Israel, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, Russia,
Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and China.

Last year, she trained a number of Indian Catholic sister-nurses and
doctors who then used NAET to treat 250-plus children of Sophia
Opportunity School (SOS) in Bangalore. After the children responded well to the treatment SOS Principal, Sister Naina, invited Nambudripad to train other
health professionals.

Sister Naina found that children who had suffered anaphylactic
reactions to various foods and other allergens now come in contact with
those items without adverse reactions. Plus, “Their speed of learning has
improved, their attention span has increased, they fall ill less,” she

According to Nambudripad, allergies are the base of 95 percent of
human medical problems, whether arthritis, asthma, learning disorders,
flu-like symptoms, untold others. NAET (Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination
Treatment) uses a unique combination of chiropractic, acupuncture or
acupressure, and nutritional management.
Allergens can cause an incompatibility between the energy fields of
an individual. An allergen may be food, fabric, chemicals, virus, bacteria,
an animal, a person, an emotional event, other. When an allergic person comes in contact with an allergen, the brain perceives it as a threat to the

This causes energy disturbances in the energy pathways.
NAET treatment involves “reprogramming” the brain using specific
techniques to accept the allergen as harmless.

Of Nambudripad’s 11 books, 7 are in the “Say Goodbye to…” series.
Her book, “Say Good-bye to Illness” is translated into Spanish, French and
German. Her most recent, “Say Goodbye to Asthma,” hit the bookstores in
December. NAET is now referenced in numerous health publications as well.
Nambudripad arrived at NAET through “my own pain… Throughout my
childhood and most of my adult life, I suffered from one disorder or another.”

It was by luck and trial and error that she discovered the way
to heal herself, then to help others. She first worked as a licensed
chiropractor/acupuncturist beginning in 1985. She now has a Ph.D in
Oriental Medicine and has acquired an MD.

“This procedure can be beneficial in any community,” said

In certain remote villages of India, there is no public water system, no
electricity, abundant illness. Malnourishment is rampant, but there are
few doctors and almost no medical funds. “NAET is a godsend,” said Sister

Not only do treatments get to the root of most illnesses that react from
allergy, there is little need for expensive medicines and extraneous

Beginning in April, Dr. Nambudripad will be conducting a worldwide
asthma and autism study in seven countries and 23 U.S. states.
“The whole world could benefit from NAET treatment,” says Dr.
Nambudripad. “It would be a great adjunct to medical doctors of many

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