Book Review: The Mind Tree

The Mind Tree – Tito Rajarshi Mukhopadhyay

A remarkable book – no doubt!

The book immerses you into the world of autism – it shows you what it feels like to be autistic through the eyes of Tito. It will certainly inspire you to learn more about the disease and to respect autistic people for what they are – more than anything else – human beings like us, but with special needs.

The book provides an indepth analysis of the autistic mind and how it perceives and then interprets it’s environment. I totally agree with Tito when he laments how we “normal” people only look at autistic individuals for their weaknesses instead of strengths!

Perhaps the most interesting part about the book is the part played by Soma. Her persistence and desire to see her son excel shows how huge obstacles can be overcome regardless of limitations.

This book is a definite read for people with family and friends suffering from autism. In fact this book is a must read for everyone because it shows what good persistence and ambition can bring in situations outside of our control!
Farouk Abdulla.

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