Bob Sutor for IBM and Dr. Jeffrey S. Weisman for DigiSoft to be featured on this week’s Let’s Talk Computers ®

N – September 10, 2004 – Guests from IBM and DigiSoft LLC will appear on radio talk show “Let’s Talk Computers”. IBM (NYSE: IBM) is the world’s leading e-business company offering a wide range of services, solutions and technologies that help businesses take full advantage of emerging innovation. DigiSoft LLC specializes in Windows-based software applications for the desktop and Pocket PC.

Created by DigiSoft the innovative developers behind the award-winning PictPocket Cinema software, Ultimate Learning ( is an exciting new computer software system that teaches language, communication and social skills to children with autistic spectrum disorder. This dynamic series of software titles provides thinking specific activities for children that enhance their problem solving skills, thus enabling a deeper understanding of the way things work in the world around them. Ultimate Learning comprises three unique products and aspects of learning: “Problem Solvers”, “Fun with Feelings”, and “SoundReaders”.

Dr. Jeffrey S. Weisman, President of DigiSoft, discusses these titles that are fashioned for mainstream and special needs children alike.

Children using “Problem Solvers” are taught to process sentence structure, ask questions, enhance their reading and listening skills and increase their aptitude through logic, all in order to gain information and become true Problem Solvers. “Fun with Feelings” helps children read and understand emotions thus helping to overcome “Mind blindness,” or the inability to get in touch with their own feelings and understanding the feelings of those around them. “Sound Readers” teaches sight word recognition and reading skills through music.

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