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For over 19 years, York Nutritional Laboratories has been the leading
specialist in food intolerance testing by providing relief throughout the
world to thousands of people who have suffered from food allergy induced
James Braly, M.D., author of ‘Food Allergy Relief’ and ‘Dr. Braly’s Food
Allergy & Nutritional Revolution’, recently stated, “By using the IgG
ELISA technique, at the same time eliminating the need for a blood draw, this
test represents a great step forward in the field of food allergy screening.
It removes the barriers of poor reproducibility and inconvenience that
continues to plague competing tests. Additionally, York Nutritional
Laboratories has completed several excellent studies, including a very
important independent audit through York University… This an excellent
food allergy testing laboratory.”

Validated Quality and Reliability…

A recent study, consisting of over 1500 patients (the largest ever
relating to delayed food allergies), has validated the quality and reliability of
the foodSCAN IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Test. Additionally, on January 22,
2001, the prestigious British Allergy Foundation reported the findings of
its independent audit on our IgG ELISA food intolerance testing services.
Not only did the British Allergy Foundation validate the foodSCAN, but
they also now recommend the FoodSCAN to the general public.

Muriel Simmons, Chief Executive of the British Allergy Foundation
commented, “The IgG tests conducted by York Nutritional Laboratories assisted people
in identifying the foods causing their problems. The results of this audit
made it very clear that if the foods identified were eliminated from the
diet, tremendous benefits were achieved. The evidence for this food
intolerance test is simply too strong to ignore.”

York Nutritional Laboratories is a state and federally licensed (CLIA)
facility as well as being ISO 9002 certified. Additionally, the foodSCAN
test kit is CE certified and comes with a written money back guarantee –
noother food intolerance testing laboratory can offer all these same

Do You or Someone You Know Suffer From Any of These Conditions..?

Arthritis Asthma Ear Infections
Celiac Disease Cardiovascular Complaints Hypertension
Epilepsy/Seizures Sinusitis Skin Rashes
Weight Problems Immune Deficiencies Migraines
Autism Irritable Bowel Syndrome ADD/ADHD
Chronic Fatigue Headaches Leaky Gut
Hyperactivity Allergy/Hay Fever Stress/Tension
Diabetes Hypoglycemia Fibromyalgia

Or any of 80 other conditions..?

Medical research documents the majority of the population suffers from
IgG-mediated food allergies. Chances are good you will greatly benefit by
the foodSCAN IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Test.

According to international lecturer, researcher, author and food allergy
expert, James Braly, M.D., “70%-80% of Americans currently suffering from
chronic medical conditions of unknown cause, who have proven poorly
responsive to conventional medical interventions, are suffering from
IgG-mediated delayed-onset food allergies. York Nutritional Laboratories’
IgG ELISA food allergy test is a clinically proven way to determine which
foods are IgG reactive in a patient.”

Cost Effective…

The cost for the foodSCAN 113-food test is $349.00 (USD), which is
hundreds of dollars less than what other laboratories charge for their food
intolerance testing. Also, and unlike these other labs, our simple
“pin-prick” test does not require a blood draw or the need for an ordering
physician… both of which have their own additional costs! Additionally,
we back up your request for our IgG food allergy screening with a written
money back guarantee

Because of this, you now have the most cost-effective and convenient
method to accurately identify and eliminate the foods from your diet which are
the culprits behind your ill-health.

The process is very simple…

We will ship to you the foodSCAN test kit along with an authorization from
our staff physician who is a licensed M.D. We included everything needed
in order for you to be screened against 113 foods for IgG-mediated food

Once your specimen has been collected, by use of our simple “pin-prick”
method (no blood draw is required), it is mailed to our laboratory for
analysis (we provide the pre-addressed, pre-paid, plastic international
bio-shipping return mailer).

When your food intolerance screening is completed, you will be sent a
detailed report showing which foods you were screened against and which
ones tested as being positive (offending) and which ones were negative (safe).
In addition to your printed test results, you will receive the 48-page
Food Intolerance Guidebook. This Guidebook is full of valuable information

* 2-page multi-colored test results + an additional 2-page B&W colored
(The colored Copy for yourself and the B&W copy can be shared with your
doctor, dietician, intuitionist, etc.)
* A letter of interpretation from our office.
* Easy-to-follow information on implementing your test results.
* Recipes.
* Food lists.
* Food family cross-reference guide.
* Nutrition chart.
* Progress checklist.
* Dietary recommendations.
* A listing of various companies that provide products and literature
which you will find useful while on your elimination diet.
* A detailed receipt with your test results which will reflect the
CPT code and insurance information so you may submit it to your
carrier for possible reimbursement.

Additionally, you will automatically receive 12 months of unlimited and
complimentary support which will assist and support you with the
recommendations provided by your foodSCAN test results and in the Food
Intolerance Guidebook.

If you would like to request your very own foodSCAN, you can do so either
from our web site at or by calling us toll
free at 1-888-751-3388.

Please Note: If you would like to order the foodSCAN by mail, please send
a letter to our attention (address below) indicating your name, address,
phone number, the name of the person to be screened, their date of birth, and
include in your letter a statement that you want to order the 113-food
foodSCAN IgG ELISA Food Intolerance Test. Also, be sure to include either
your credit card information and/or a check or money order in the amount
of $349.00 per foodSCAN.

Discover how easy it is to request the foodSCAN IgG ELISA Food Intolerance
Test and achieve better health! Please feel free to contact our office at
(954) 920-3728 or with any questions you
might have or if we can be of further assistance.

To Your Good Health,

York Nutritional Laboratories, Inc.
2700 North 29th Avenue, Suite # 205
Hollywood, Florida 33020 USA
Office: (954) 920-3728
Fax: (954) 920-3729

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