A young friend of mine could really do with some safe Autie/Aspie email pals

Hi to the auties and aspies on my email list.

I have a young friend whose very Autie/Aspie friendly and has had a number of emotional challenges for the past 4 years. She’s just begun to get her feet on the ground in the real world and really needs contact with some safe people as she is very vulnerable socially.

She’s been hanging out in chat rooms for fantasy role players and has been messed up by some very complex emotional non-autie game players and she needs to chat with some real people in the real world. She’s known me now for a few months and she’s met another Aspie friend of mine. She’s a fan of the art of Peter Myers, well known fellow Aspie artist and she realises Aspies and Auties might be much more her style of people to chat with safely without being game played and messed up. She’s visited some Aspie/Autie chat rooms but as she’s neither strictly Aspie/Autie nor anything like most non-auties she felt she was excluded from joining. So take it from me, this girl is very Autie/Aspie friendly and would love some email pals to chat with. Anyone out there wanting to make contact, would you email me and I’ll forward your emails on to her to reply.

Her name is Kerryn, shes 15 and has been Socially Phobic and living inside her head for quite a while now but has started to join the world and is just getting to know who her self might be after trying so hard to be everyone else just to have a friend. She loves cats and her dog and wild animals, gardening, drawing and fantasy characters. She’s also lovely and kind and very gentle person.

Thanks for listening folks…

Donna Williams *)

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