A thought I shared… figured so many others could maybe use it… here it is….

A thought I shared… figured so many others could maybe use it… here it is….
from Donna Williams www.nobodynowhere.com

Sometimes we become all we are because of family and all they gave us.
Sometimes we become all we are in spite of family (or lack of) and all they did not give us.

Sometimes we can despair and wait to be found, resenting all who try to raise us up because they are not the one’s who ‘should have’.

Sometimes we stand outside of our pain for a moment and view ourselves from the perspective of the benevolent stranger, pick ourselves up from off the side of the road where we got lost and carry this person a while, hearing them out, helping them air off and answer their own questions in the process, complain and come to determination to build their own life, from scratch if necessary, without self love if necessary, if only out of being sick of waiting, being sick of being lost, being sick of envying all who got luckier than we did.

I realised after I did all this stuff that I so loved life and that I loved it so much BECAUSE beauty, however simple, contrasts so strikingly ESPECIALLY when contrasted against what is ugly and unfair and then I stopped resenting and felt luckier, even luckier than those who could have it all and yet it may feel like nothing too significant for they had never carried that ‘endless dark night of the soul’ long enough to truly appreciate its value.

🙂 Donna Williams

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