Volunteer Autism near me

Volunteer autism near me

Autism Empowerment facilitates an inspirational and motivating agenda which will have a positive impact on our immediate community as well as the world on a larger scale. Our Autism Serves volunteerism program also known as Autism Serves Across the Lifespan was implemented basing its core belief that children and adults alike, each have unique strengths, talents and gifts. Of these special gifts, some are yet to be discovered and awakened.

Volunteering is essential for fostering competency in adults in various spheres of their character. Volunteering not only teaches skills and keeps the volunteer motivated, but also enhances the larger population, spreads autism awareness and provides opportunities for many individuals to network within their social circles. These are just a few of the examples of volunteering opportunities that may be of interest to young adults with ASD.

Autism Today couldn’t achieve what we have without the kind and generous people who sacrificed their time and gave their heart to help autistic people and their families. It is also no secret, how devastating the COVID-19 pandemic has been, as the whole world has taken a very hard blow. Following the CDC guidelines, we are calling off almost all face-to-face gatherings. Our deepest regard is the health and safety of you, your family and extended network at large. This unprecedented time gives us the ideal opportunity to display our skill of surviving on flexible terms.

We understand the disruptions to the flow of school and work schedules we’re experiencing can be most unsettling to our kids with autism. We have compiled a list of ways for you to help families who are most in need.

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